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PIK-26 MINI-SYTKY designed by Kai Mellen

Designer Kai Mellen and the prototype in September 1996

Cruises 170+ km/h while burning 7 l/h.
Powered by 35 hp Mosler MMCB.

The purpose of this web site is to provide information to as many people as possible about Mini-Sytky,
an experimental  home built, single seat high performance ultralight that first flew in 1996.

This Page is created and maintained by Panu Mertamo, and the opinions expressed in
  these pages are strictly those of the page authors.

Mini-Sytky is a high performance ultralight airplane that cruises 173 km/h while burning 7 l/h.

Construction is mainly wood with all the ribs made of PVC foam, making Mini-Sytky a low cost project.

Check out the SPECS!

More SPECS in finnish.( Spesifikaatiot suomeksi. )


First Mini-Sytkys (OH-U355 and OH-U356)

My own Mini-Sytky in September 1998

My own Mini-Sytky in February 2000

MSK's Mini-Sytkys ( OH-U403 and OH-U404 ) in November 2001

MSK's Mini-Sytkys in April 2002

MSK's Mini-Sytkys in January 2003

MSK's Mini-Sytkys in May 2003

MSK's Mini-Sytkys in September 2003

My Mini-Sytky transfer to EFRY in February 2004

First Flight! 23.6.2004 EFRY

Flying pictures and traveling around in summer 2004

First flight of  Janne's OH-U404 in 21.11.2004  couple of short vids (.wmw) 

Frozen planet. MSK's Mini-Sytkys in January 2005

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