Strategy gaming in the Web

There are several pages worth of visiting in the Web concerning strategy games. The first line of difference could be made between the computer games and board games.

As we all know, programmers write bug-free programs all the time, so nobody needs bugfixes. In case you don't believe that, you could visit the pages of SSI or Microprose, where you can find numerous patches and demos (all free of charge). If you are interested in Internet gaming, you should check the empire web-site, where you can participate to the making and playing of one of the oldest Internet strategy games.

If you play board games, and you think you understand Finnish, you absolutely have to visit the home pages of Suomen Simulaatiopelaajat. (Did I advertized it right, Eero?) The most complete guide to the strategy gaming is found in web-grognards site.

Last modified 24.11.1997