Europa Universalis:
Frequently Asked Questions

This is only the beginning of the FAQ. I hope people in eu-list can make this more comprehensive and complete.

I Purpose of these pages
II Europa Universalis community and resources
        1. Is there any erratas to the rules?
        2. Is there any web pages or mailing lists?
        3. Is there any extensions to the EU?
        4. What is this computer game "Europa Universalis"?
        5. What is the 3rd edition of EU?
III Common Abbreviations
IV General Rules
        1. Rules and/or tables in Rulebook/Scenarios/Annexes/Player's Aids differ, what to do?
        2. What is the siege value of the Knight general la Valette?
        3. Do I have to explore coastal continental Asian provinces (Marco Polo rule 58.2)?
V Rules: Logistics, Supply, Movement, Combat and Siege
        1. Does minor countries receive transport ships for naval transport?
        2. How is Tercios technology handled?
        3. Do Renaissance infantry or cavalry roll die on fire step?
        4. Does the fleet leave the port always through the same sea zone?
        5. Does the fleet throw attrition before making discovery roll?
        6. CRT C causes sometimes higher morale losses than CRT B. Is this an error?
        7. What happens in a battle if neither side breaks in battle?
        8. Are fleets and and naval detachments always in supply?
        9. What units may be moved with Major Campaign of minor ally?
        10. Are only level 6 colonies normal supply sources in RotW?
        11. Is retreat attrition losses included to total losses when counting for major battle?
        12. What happens when natives break and are forced to retreat?
        13. Does the terrain affect to siege assaults?
VI Rules: Events, Diplomacy, Declarations of War and Peaces
        1. If event 3:I(Veneto/Turkish Commercial Conflict) is rolled and Turkey is not at war with Mameluks and doesn't own Alexandria, what happens?
        2. When the +2 minor activation bonus for bordering enemy is granted?
        3. Does the player also receive benefits of lower boxes when he gets minor to higher box?
        4. Does the player roll for subsidies every turn the minor is in its Subsidies box?
        5. Does forced peace rule in 50.10 apply in minors also?
VII Rules: Income and Administration
        1. Who gets Center of Trade income if two countries has equal number of levels?
        2. How Spain can have Atlantic Trade Center at the start of the game when she has less fleet levels than England?
        3. Is the manufacture limit in Player's Aids counted as counters?
        4. Why Habsburg manufactures are included in Spanish Player's Aids?
        5. Does the player get income from the European mines of its vassals?
        6. Does controlling player get income from privateers of controlled minors?
VIII Rules: Political Rules
        1. How the Habsburg Inheritance of Hungary works?
        2. How exotic resources are handled in Ormuz province?
        3. Does Turkey get additional monetary compensation when conquering Mameluks? How about province VPs?
        4. How Dutch commercial fleets handle competition during the first two periods?
        5. Does Venetian player have to roll die to place 0-3 Dutch commercial fleet levels?
IX Historical Considerations
        1. Why all Turkish campaigns start from Thracia?
        2. What is this Habsburg inheritance of Hungary?
        3. Why there are exotic resources available in Ormuz province?

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