Zones Of Control Rules

These are the rules concerning Zones of Control for speeding up PBEM games. The rules introduces the concept of ZOC -already well known from other board games- to Europa Universalis.

  1. In the beginning of a round, hierarchy is enforced. Leaders have 20MPs to enforce hierarchy, each sea travel is considered to take 2MPs and leaders do not need ships for transportation. All those leaders who do not fulfill hierarchy rules cannot be used in movement or in battle. Only those leaders who are besieged (and blockaded, if the city has harbour) or captured by enemy are excluded from the hierarchy.
  2. In naval movement, hierarchy has to be correct after each movement.
  3. Naval interceptions are obligatory (not automatic!) regardless of size of the opponent. If interception is successful, combat occurs. If nothing is mentioned, the winner follows the loser automatically and blockades the losing fleet.
  4. Naval combats are never obligatory. Fleet can move into a sea occupied by an enemy naval unit without initiating an attack (passive campaign). Fleet can move into a sea occupied by privateer without trying to repress it (passive campaign).
  5. In land movement, hierarchy has to be correct after each movement.
  6. There is no land interception.
  7. There is no retreat before combat, except the automatic retreat in fortress to avoid an overrun.
  8. If a moving stack enters a province adjacent to enemy stack, it has to stop moving if it is smaller or equal in counterwise than enemy stack (e.g. D < 2D < A(-) < A(-)D < 2A(-) < A(+) < A(+)D < A(+)A(-) < 2A(+)) unless it continues movement to attack enemy stack creating the ZOC. If there are several stacks creating ZOC, the moving player can choose which one to attack.
  9. Pashas are handled as detachments in this rule.