Hear me, You good people!

Hear me, when I tell You the stories of the old.
Because I know all the stories. All of them.

I tell You from the Age of Legends, it's wonders and marvels. How eternal peace ruled all over the world, and all people lived in prosperity, and Aes Sedai used their powers in good.

I tell You from the Dark One. How the Aes Sedai released him from his eternal prison. I tell You from the War of Power, where Dark One and the Forsaken tried to enslave all mankind.

And I tell You from the Dragon, Lews Therin Telamon, who with his Hundred Companions, made last desperate strike against Dark One when all seemed to be lost, and sealed him with all Forsaken back to his prison.

I tell You from the Breaking of the World. How Dark One's counterstrike at the time of resealing of his prison drew Aes Sedai mad. How they destroyed whole cities with fire, how they raised new mountains where calm seas were before, and drowned whole continents under the towering waves.

I tell You from the Prophesies of the Dragon. How Lews Therin Telamon is prophesied to return.

I tell You from False Dragons. How male Aes Sedai go mad and wreak havoc everywhere they exist and how they claim to be Dragon Reborn.

I tell You from Aes Sedai. How they scheme behind scenes everywhere. How they plot all people to fulfill their wills. How their leader pulls strings of Kings and Queens from her White Tower in the city of Tar Valon.