Europa Universalis: Period 0

Random Events:

1)  the Wars of the Roses in England
England enters in Civil War for 1-2 turns (throw the dice, an even result gives two turns, an odd result, one). No Diplomatic action is possible on England for the duration of the war. Also, England can not be involved in any external war, if it´s involved at the time this event happens, it offers a white peace, if it´s not accepted, this event is cancelled and considered as played. Reduce the Foreing Trade Index by the value of the english provinces.

2)  Civil War in Castile
A civil war erupts in the minor Castile. Each of the two sides can be supported by Aragon or Portugal. At the Diplomatic phase these two countries must decide if they want to take part in the war without losing Stability for the Declaration of War, but they´ll lose it by the continuation of the war each turn(they don´t need to declare war to each other, but can do it if they want, losing Stability. In this last case they can invade each other´s territories, otherwise they can just fight in Castile.).
Determine randomly 4 Castilian provinces that go to Portugal´s side, the rest go to    Aragon´s side (remember that the Castilian provinces are Andalucía, Toledo, Murcia, Estremaduras, Castilla, León, Navarra, Asturia and Galicia).
      Throw a dice for every Army, detachment and Fleet of Castile, with the following results :
 1-6 : It goes to Aragon´s side.
 7-0 : It goes to Portugal´s side.
The war ends when one side is in possesion of all Castilian provinces or, if either Aragon or Portugal entered war, when one side decides to make peace. The winner unites his country with Castile in the new kingdom of Spain.

3)  Union of Bohemia and Hungary
The minor countries Bohemia and Hungary are united for 1d10/2 turns. This works as the Union of Kalmar.

4)  Union of Hungary and Poland
The minor countries Hungary and Poland are united for 1d10/2 turns. This works Union of Kalmar.

5)  Union of Austria and Bohemia
The minor country Bohemia is united with Austria and disappears forever. The event nº3 can no longer happen if it´s rolled, mark it off and replace it with a revolt.

6)  Turkish Diplomatic Pressure
Turkey has +3 in his diplomacy on a minor country(minor must be chosen immediately).

7)  Austro-Hungarian War
The minor countries Austria and Hungary attack each other for two turns. No diplomacy is possible on those minors for the duration of the event, they can not be called to take part in a war. If they are in a war, they offer a withe peace.

8)  War between Poland and Latvija
The minor country Poland attacks the minor country Latvija. If Latvija is in the track of a player he can assist Latvija declaring war to Poland (he has a Cassus Belli). For the duration of the war (one turn) no diplomacy is possible on these two minors, and they can not be involved in a war.

9)  War of Lorraine
The minor country Bourgogne attacks Lorraine which is supported by Helvetica. Bourgogne is played by the english player, Lorraine and Helvetica are played by the french player and this can attack Bourgogne benefiting from a Cassus Belli. The goal of the Bourgignon is to impose an inconditional surrender in Lorraine and Helvetica. If this happens, he annexes Lorraine and France loses 50 VP, if France imposes unconditional surrender in Bourgogne, he gets 25 VP and the provinces of Borgogne, Franche Comté and Picardie.

10)  War in Italy
This is the same as the first War in Italy event of the first period.