Europa Universalis
Rules Interpretations and House Rules

In this document is collected some rules interpretations (IP) and house rules (HR) we have used in our Grand Campaign game. The numbers used correspond chapters from the Rulebook.

14.8.IP Only forces which could be arranged to the legal stack could intercept.

14.8.IP The defender in the interception combat will include ALL forces in the province. Not only those moving.

14.8.IP If the defender fails in interception into the battle, he can still try to retreat before combat.

14.9.A.IP Explorers and Conquistadors could move to any eligible known province.

14.9.B.IP.1 Confirmation: Leaders may not be intercepted when moving alone

15.3.IP The risk value of the starting area in sea attrition is not included when counting highest risk value or possible plusses.

15.3.C.2.IP The manouver value of the admiral modifier is only used for those fleets admiral has accompanied during whole of their movement.

17.2.H.HR In case of draws, the side which lost most factors retreat. If losses are equal, attacker retreats.

18.4.A.IP Cavalry cannot suffer losses from the assault. If the assaulting force consists only cavalry factors at the end of any step, it is considered broken.

21.D.IP ?-leaders are removed only at the end of period. Turkish 'Grand Vizier'-leader is not counted against any leader limits, and it is not forced to be placed on the board.

45.8.HR No commercial fleet actions to the Caspian Sea unless major power has harbor bordering the sea.

49.3.G.3.IP Disembarked privateers/pirates are interpreted as land detachment when considered native attack.

50.15.B.IP Peace is signed with a minor on the die roll of 6 or more.

51.4.A.HR The besieged player loses the equal amount of VPs as besieger gets when the fortress is captured.

51.4.B.IP Player counts all VPs minor wins or loses including peace but excluding change of provinces.

53.11.HR When finished, Russia could buy units at normal cost in St.Petersburg.

55.1.HR Rest of the World provinces Meched, Ormuz, Persis, Ispahan (Persia), Canarias (Spain) and Acores (Portugal) and sea areas Sea of Acores and Sea of Canaries are considered European provinces/areas and Europe only generals and admirals are allowed to use them.

58.1.HR Naval units throw attrition before discovery attempt.

58.1.IP Conquistadors and land detachments are allowed to try to discover provinces where rival power's colonies or trading posts exists.

59.5.A.HR Attack against colony which is defended only with colonial militia is not considered as landing, but all other terrain rules apply.

59.8.B.HR Only one naval detachment can be purchased in colony.

Last modified 11.12. 1998