Europa Universalis FAQ:
Political Rules

1. How the Habsburg Inheritance of Hungary works?
   For historical background of Habsburg inheritance of Hungary, see FAQ: Historical Considerations.
   The event by itself doesn't make any modifications to the diplomatic position of Hungary.
   The event is activated either by conquest or arrival of turn 10 if event 8:I has occurred. Event is activated even if event is rolled after conquest. In activation:
i) Hungary diplomatic marker is removed from play (53.2-B.1.1)
ii) Hungarian basic forces are added to basic forces of Habsburg (53.2-B.1.2)
iii) Habsburgs can use Hungarian markers (53.2-B.1)
iv) Hungarian provinces become Habsburg provinces (53.2-B). If Hungary has been conquered, the provinces become Habsburg as soon Habsburgs militarily control them. (53.2-B.2)

House Rules:
i) The event doesn't address the fate of Hungarian generals, but as for example Zriny was both anti Turkish AND anti-Habsburg, I guess they should be removed from game if inheritance is activated or Hungary is conquered.
ii) RAW opens the possibility of Hungarian conquest also to other countries than Turkey, but I recommend to restrict it to Turkey.
iii) The RAW confuses things by talking about Hungary being 'special vassal' of Habsburgs. I recommend to forget that talk. This also indicates that Hungarian forces do not have their own campaigns or reinforcements.

-opinion: VV

2. How exotic resources are handled in Ormuz province?
   For historical reasons why these are available, see FAQ: Historical Considerations.
   (Rule 53.43) If the Ormuz province is annexed by player, no TP or colony placement is allowed in this province (53.43-B). Exotic resources are produced by TPs or colonies, so if there is no TP or colony in province, it produces no exotic resources (55.1-C.3). Rule 53.43-A implicitly allow player military presence in province of Ormuz. Players should keep in mind that all Persian provinces, including Ormuz, are considered as European (not Rest-of-the-World) provinces in all respects(Rule 55.2-F). The following interpretation is recommended:
i) To exploit exotic resources in Ormuz province, player must have trading post there.
ii) If Ormuz province is annexed by player, the existing trading post must be removed and exotic resources become unaccessible. (This is a result of new political barrier between province and Persia, which can still control entry of exotic resources to the province.)
iii) Countries not in war with Persia may place military units and/or conquistadors in Ormuz province (only), but they face the possibility of native attack by doing so.
iv) Countries at war with Persia do not face possibility of native attack when in Ormuz province as Persia can react with his military forces.

Alternative interpretation: iii) Only conquistadors are allowed from countries not at war with Persia to enter Ormuz. Any military units are not allowed to enter. (-opinion: Pedro Santos)

-opinion: Bob Helbing (referred by VV)

3. Does Turkey get additional monetary compensation when conquering Mameluks? How about province VPs?
As for the Mamluks annexation, Turkey gets it during the Peace phase, if it controls both cities of Cairo and Damascus. It is an unconsitional peace (10 VP) and the "only" thing she gets is all the mameluk provinces (and relevant VPs) : no indemnity extra

-Game Designer Philippe Thibaut (referred by Alvaro Prada)

4. How Dutch commercial fleets handle competition during the first two periods?
Dutch commercial fleet levels are handled in a similar way as all other minor commercial fleet levels. If they lose levels due the normal competition below the original 1492 starting level, these levels are automatically recuperated during the following turns (Rule 46.7-B.A). If those levels are lost in mandatory competition, these levels are lost for good, and they don't return (Rule 46.7-B.B).

-opinion: Rian van Meeteren

5. Does Venetian player have to roll die to place 0-3 Dutch commercial fleet levels?
The placement of these 0-3 Dutch commercial fleet levels are always automatically successful so no additional die-rolls from Administrative Actions Resolution Table are needed.

-clarification: AWE (From Bob's mail by VV)