Europa Universalis FAQ:
General Rules

1. Rules and/or tables in Rulebook/Scenarios/Annexes/Player's Aids differ, what to do?
Scenario booklet, page 2, right column, second box:
---begin quote---
Warning: It is possible there are some minor confusing errors in the various scenarios set-up: the Player's Aides are always the true reference.
---end quote---

So, if there is any confusion in the rules, the interpretation should be made in order:
1) Player's Aids
2) Scenario Booklet
3) Rule Booklet

Annexes are not mentioned here, but I'll put it personally in the same level as Player's Aids, because it contains the same information to minor countries as Player's Aids to major countries.

If there is conflict between Basic and Advanced rules, Basic interpretation should be used in battle scenarios and Advanced interpretation in campaign games.

-opinion: VV

2. What is the siege value of the Knight general la Valette?
Due to badly chosen colors, the siege value of the Knight general la Valette is almost illegible. Nevertheless, its correct value is -4, so la Valette belongs to the best siegers in the whole game.

-opinion (with a magnifying glass): Dirk Sijbersma, Jason Johns, Risto Marjomaa, VV

3. Do I have to explore coastal continental Asian provinces (Marco Polo rule 58.2)?
This rule concerns coastal continental provinces in Asia and islands of Japan and Ceylon.
-note: VV

I think that dubbing this ruling as a "Marco Polo" rule was simply meant as a joke by the GD and did not really aim to imply it had anything to do with this half-mythical Venetian trader. The shore areas of Asian continent were mostly controlled by organized states with spurious long-term connections with Europe (even Japan could be so accounted for although it certainly had no direct links with Europeans before the 16th c.). Thus an European traveller arriving there did not really have to "explore", but (oversimplifying things a bit) merely to ask the way to the nearest monarch and show his credentials ("show me to your leader!").

I would say you have to have a continous link there through sea zones. This is not mentioned anywhere in the rules, but it is rather likely that this is what is meant here. Once such a route exists, you do not really have to explore the provinces themselves.

-opinion: Risto Marjomaa

Here is the way we play it. In order to place a colony/TP, you simply must have discovered the adjacent sea area. No need then to send an expedition on the land in my view.

-opinion: Philippe Rucquoy