Europa Universalis FAQ:
Logistics, Supply, Movement, Combat and Siege

1. Does minor countries receive transport ships for naval transport?
Yes. Minor Basic Forces are received as they are written in the Annexes, but when they throw for naval reinforcements, they do not receive naval detachments as reinforcements but plainly additional ships. These ships can be taken as Warships, Galleys or Transport ships.

-opinion: Alvaro Prada (Referred VV)

2. How is Tercios technology handled?
1 - the technology Tercios does indeed lasts until ANY OTHER NATION (minor, such as Sweden in 1630 or major) reaches Baroque land tech.

2 - The effect is simple : Spanish infantry (only) gets a +1 morale bonus (i.e. does not apply to cav or art, or to any spanish minor, vassal or ally). The combat tables remain unchanged for combat resolution.

3 - The idea is to make spanish infantry very hard to break by morale (you just have to ''kill'' them away).

4 - OPTION : If you want to make it historically accurate, consider that it also applies only to Spanish veteran infantry and not against Dutch general Maurice of Nassau.

- clarification: Philippe Thibaut

3. Do Renaissance infantry or cavalry roll die on fire step?
Renaissance infantry and cavalry has fire value of 0. Nevertheless, Renaissance armies and detachments with fire value of 0 do roll die on fire step of land combat or fortress assault. As fire value is 0, the roll doesn't affect any strength point losses, but only morale losses.

-clarification: AWE

4. Does the fleet leave the port always through the same sea zone?
No, the fleet can leave the port through any sea zone bordering the province.
Exception: If the province has two coasts which are not connected, then the fleet must leave the port through the sea zones bordering the same coast it has entered the port. (F.ex. Panama or Naples)

-clarification: AWE (From Bob's mail by VV)

5. Does the fleet throw attrition before making discovery roll?
No, the fleet doesn't throw attrition for travelled known sea zones if it is making a discovery attempt at the end of its move, where it makes a discovery die-roll on discovery table.

-clarification: AWE (From Bob's mail by VV)

6. CRT C causes sometimes higher morale losses than CRT B. Is this an error?
No. CRT B is for higher casualties, CRT C is for higher morale losses.

-clarification: AWE (From Bob's mail by VV)

7. What happens in a battle if neither side breaks in battle?
The side with more casualties retreats. If none or equal, attacker retreats.

-clarification: AWE, the equal part added by VV&Bob Helbing (From Bob's mail by VV)

8. Are fleets and and naval detachments always in supply?

-clarification: AWE (From Bob's mail)

9. What units may be moved with Major Campaign of minor ally?
It is restricted only to forces of the minor ally using this campaign. No player's or other minor's forces may be moved with that campaign.

-clarification: AWE (From Bob's mail by VV)

10. Are only level 6 colonies normal supply sources in RotW?
Also all coastal colonies and trading posts are normal supply sources, as they are ports.
-clarification: AWE (From Bob's mail by VV)
11. Is retreat attrition losses included to total losses when counting for major battle?
No. Only losses occurred in fire, shock/boarding and pursuit are counted when deciding if 66%/33% losses have been reached. Attrition losses when moving into the battle or when retreating from the battle are not counted.

-opinion: VV, Risto Marjomaa, Alain Henault

12. What happens when natives break and are forced to retreat?
From 1st edition Errata #296  "What happens when natives break?  They suffer a rout then retreat, suffering attrition.  For convenience, they remain in the province, then it returns the following round (less losses)."

I would consider the natives to be "suppressed" for all purposes during the player's next combat round for purposes of movement and supply. However, the natives will most likely counterattack during their next combat round (see Errata #297  "Do natives attack in one round or every round? They reattack each round once activated (even if they are defeated the previous round) until the end of the turn (except if all are destroyed).  The attack ends at the end of the turn without rolling for peace."

-clarification: AWE, Bob Helbing

13. Does the terrain affect to siege assaults?
It says on the land combat values and morale section of the player's aide, that art is halved in marsh and forest, and attacker art is halved in mtn for firepower. Does this halving affect to siege assaults also?

Environment does not affect siege tables. Thus it should not logically speaking affect assaults either.

-opinion: Risto Marjomaa

The rule above describes only land combats, not sieges. For sieges there is only common modifier for siegework action in non-clear terrain. For assaults -direct or result of siegework- there are no terrain effects given, so artillery is not halved in siege assaults.

-opinion: VV