Europa Universalis Binaries

5.5.2003 Jason John's Leader and Counter lists, Introduced errata to Risto's events.
22.2.2003 Declan Ohannrachain's Excel spreadsheet for administration.
6.10.2002 Risto's updated events and Declan Ohannrachain's translated updated 30 Years War event (propably originated from P.T. himself).
20.2.2002 Some reorganizing. Added John Quarto's Bloodlines variant, Alain Hénault's ZOC rules and Olivier Micos' player Poland.
25.6.2001 Added Bob's mail to AWE.
23.4.2001 Added Stefan Huszics' tables and French player aide and updated all Risto's period events.

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Record Sheets
Rules Info
Counters Info
Robert's Player's Aids
Risto's Random Events
Tit and Tat

Record Sheets

Original game has many sheets, where players write down information from different origins. Copying copies of copies doesn't provide very high quality copies, so every now and then one can print original from these improved sheets.
Col& (5KB)
Col& (3KB)
Colonies and Trading Posts record sheet: Includes places for current and maximum exotic resource production. Zipped in Word97 file and rich text format.
Jani Kaleva got fed up with small and insufficient boxes in colonies/trading posts sheet, so he made original and I clarified it a bit. (10KB) (5KB)
Victory Points Record Sheet: Zipped in Word97 file and rich text format. I've made some re-organizing so that it could be now filled in the same time as the game progresses. Economic record sheet: The original provided with the game was so unclear, that I made the new one with Excel. Zipped Excel sheet.
Maps of Europe and RotW: Scanned maps of Europe and Rest of the World from rule books for negotiations and for storing of current game situation. Zipped tif- and gif-files. Excel Spreadsheet for Administration: Declan Ohannrachain created this spreadsheet for managing economics of the game. He likes to have lot of comments from this work, so please check this out and send your comments to EU mailing list! Zipped Excel sheet.


Rules Info

Information can be found in the original rulebooks and player's aids in myriad places and some of them are even conflicting with others. Following files contain indexes and rule collections.
EU FAQ EU FAQ: Naturally. Some frequently asked questions from EU mailing list collected to the single place.
A cross-referenced index of EU rulebook: (And only the rulebook, not Annexes or Scenarios.) Zipped in rich text format and Word97.
Collection of EU Tables: There are a myriad of tables hidden inside the rulebook, so I collected some of the most used ones together. Zipped in rich text format and  Word97.
EU5VPs.html (19KB) Victory Points Acquisition Table: Ray Toth and players of EU5 pbem game collected all reasons how victory points can be collected and made some rulings in conflicting amounts given. HTML-document. (34KB) (28KB)
EU5 Rules Interpretations: Collected rules interpretations from the EU5 pbem game by Ray Toth and co. Zipped in Word97 and rich text format.
EU4VPs.html (9KB) Victory Points Acquisition Table: Mitchell Wageler collected this table from the rulebook, and it was used in EU4 and EU6 pbem games. HTML-document.
BobsMail.html (9KB) Rules Interpretations from AWE: Robert Helbing sent a mail to AWE and asked some questions. Here is the questions and answers he got. HTML-document.


Counters Info

One and half thousend counters are sometimes hard to keep in order. Following files provide some help handling those counters and their contents.
Leader Entry & Exit List: Zipped in Word97 file and rich text format. It is very hard to keep track when leaders are coming and going, so I collected this list where is listed for each turn which leaders come into play and which leaders are removed. It contains also all leaders from Extension Set 1. (21KB) Graphical Leader Entry & Exit List: Rian van Meeteren has made with the help of his group this Excel workbook, where entry and exit dates are graphically presented for each leader. (7KB) All EU Counters Listed by Type: Another Excel sheet by Rian van Meeteren. Numbers of counters of each counter type for each country, major or minor. (12KB) Minor Country Information: Excel sheet by Stefan Huszics. Practically all information one would ever need when working with minor countries: number of counters, contents of counters, diplomatic preferencies, costs of advancement in diplomacy... (63KB) (15KB)
Leader Lists by Country, Counter Lists: Jason John wrote these documents containing all leader counters, their entries and exits divided to separate Word files by country. Also all other counters are handled in second zipped file. Also Extension Set 1 is included.  


Robert's Player's Aids

Robert Helbing sent me these seven files where he has collected many tables and sheets for the recordkeeping tools for game archivist or game master (Zipped Word 97 documents). crt1sted.doc: Combat Result Table from the 1st edition French rules. 
events1.doc, events2.doc: Events & Income Log to keep track of economical and political events. (You'll still need original event-roster.) 
monarch.doc: Monarch & Interphase Tables. A collection of tables and modifiers to be used. 
nations.doc: List of nations in game and the collection of their statistics. 
war&ally.doc: Wars & Alliances Chart, to keep track of them. 
combat.doc: Selection of combat related tables with applicable modifiers. 
trdfleet.doc: Trading fleet record sheet. 
treasury.doc: Simplified treasury record and sequence of play for GMs. 
instruct.doc: Instructions for Use. auinvest.doc: Investment Guide for Austria 
auincome.doc: Income Planner for Austria 
auforces.doc: Force Roster for Austria enginvst.doc: Investment Guide for England 
engincme.doc: Income Planner for England 
engforce.doc: Force Roster for England frainvst.doc: Investment Guide for France 
fraincme.doc: Income Planner for France 
fraforce.doc: Force Roster for France prtinv~1.doc: Investment Guide for Portugal/Russia 
prtinc~1.doc: Income Planner for Portugal/Russia 
prtfor~1.doc: Force Roster for Portugal/Russia spinve~1.doc: Investment Guide for Spain 
spinco~1.doc: Income Planner for Spain 
spforc~1.doc: Force Roster for Spain trkinv~1.doc: Investment Guide for Turkey 
trkinc~1.doc: Income Planner for Turkey 
trkfor~1.doc: Force Roster for Turkey veninv~1.doc: Investment Guide for Venice/Netherlands 
veninc~1.doc: Income Planner for Venice/Netherlands 
venfor~1.doc: Force Roster for Venice/Netherlands

Inspired by Bob's work Stefan Huszics made his own version of player's aides to France and collected number of tables together for all players. Quite beautiful. Unfortunately he hasn't time to make sheets to other countries as well. (36KB) P6 Force Roster.xls
P5 King & Land2.doc (61KB) P1 Secuence & What to do when.doc
P2 Trade & RotW income.xls
P3-4 Economic Record sheet.xls: Contains also nice sheet for military purchases
P7-9 Tables.XLS


Risto's Random Events

Risto Marjomaa has made great work rewriting political events in coherent and unambiguous way. He has added historical dates when events has happened in real world too. The current version is release 4. (114KB) All period files collected to same archive. All periods are updated release 4, so if you were using previous release 3 version, please update. (I got confused with my files, sorry!) Zipped MSWord97 files.
Period I Events (26KB)
Period II Events (20KB)
Period III Events (43KB)
Period IV Events (56KB)
Period V Events (31KB)
Period VI Events (27KB)
Period VII Events (27KB)
Rule Changes (13KB)
All same files as in archives above in HTML. (17KB) Every now and then Risto clarifies (or re-writes) his events based on questions presented in EU-list. These modifications could take time to find their way to "official" release, so I'll put them first to these erratas and remove these when Risto mails new release. Zipped text file. (9KB) Risto explains (from mails at EU-list) why he wrote events like he did. Zipped text file. (8KB) Risto answers some questions about his rewrite. Zipped text file.



Updated version from 30 Years War event. Translated by Declan Ohannrachain. Original author is still unclear, but some indications are that it is P.T. himself. I hope to clarify this soon.
TYW.html(27KB) Updated 30 Years War event.

John Quarto has created this BloodLine variant to include dynastic interests to the game. I've added it here because his site seems to be unavailable.
BloodLine.html (34KB) BloodLine variant by John Quarto. HTML document.

Alain Hénault has created ZOC (Zones Of Control) rules for PBEM games. I've tried to create short ruleset based on his description how it works.
ZOCRules.html A short ruleset introduced for PBEM games to speeding up military phases. HTML document

Poland was the dominant major power in the Eastern Europe 400 years. To reflect this, Olivier Micos created tables for playing Poland as a player country. I hope to get period objectives and others someday... (14KB) PolandInvestmentGuide.doc: Investment Guide for Poland. Word97-document
PolandForceRoster.doc: Force Roster for Poland. Word97.document

Gerardo Prieto has created Period 0, which contains timeframe 1453-1492. The only document now in English is this random events descriptions, but I hope the rest of the rules are translated someday.
Period0E.html (6KB)
Period 0 (1453-1492) events in html document and zipped Word97-document.

Tit and Tat

On the fall -97 someone in EU6 game sent the combat result table from the French 1st edition to the mailing list. If someone is interested in multi-day combats, this is the table, as losses are not so big as in the 2nd edition CRT.
CRT1stEd.html (2KB) (3KB)
French 1st edition Combat Result Table. In HTML-document and zipped Word97-document.

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