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Europa Universalis

...the Game of European Colonialism 1492-1792.

You never heard about Europa Universalis? You aren't kidding?

Oh, I explain.

Europa Universalis is a multiplayer boardgame which simulates the era from the voyages of Colombo 1492 to the great revolution of France 1792. Up to six players (even eight in some scenarios) presents the rulers of the European major powers, competing with each other and trying to rise one country over the others.

Although military aspects are part of this game, it is no way a war game, but economic and diplomatical aspects are the key instruments to the victory. Players manage the economy of their countries, explore world, create Colonies and Trading Posts from where they could collect precious exotic resources, which could be sold with great profit in Europe.

This is really monstreous game, over 1400 counters, each turn (60 in the grand campaign) lasting two or three hours and a rule booklet with 72 pages. It is originally made in France, and the English rules are translated from the French ones with the most unidiomatic text. There is also one Extension Set published, which brings around 270 more counters, mostly new leaders and new colonial installations: forts and missions. It is published by the Azure Wish Editions.

A Swedish software company is computerizing this game, and the release is planned sometime late 2000. You could check the progress of this project in Target Games.

Europa Universalis Resources on the Web

If You think that this page looks familiar, You have propably visited Martin Kirkengen's EU-page.

John Quarto has made Bloodline variant and he has searchable leader database. His pages has come back on-line, and it supplements discussion of mailing list.

Guillaume Petraud is working on Java-based application project for playing aids to PBEM games. His pages can be found here. He has also some beautiful maps there.

There is a mailing list for discussion of the rules interpretations and other questions. It is located under the It also has archive about the previous discussion.

Vincent Chretien has made extensive and very beautiful pages from French 1st edition game. These pages are in French, but I still recommend a visit even if You don't understand French.

Suomen Simulaatiopelaajat (SSP, Finnish Simulation Players) has also a page about Europa Universalis, unfortunately in Finnish ;-).

Europa Universalis Resources on this Site

Based on the discussion on the mailing list, I start building Frequently Asked Questions about Europa Universalis.

Another starting project is adding Players' Strategies on different countries.

I've collected a couple of useful player aid binaries. You're welcome to use them to help playing this game.

If You are interested how different countries accumulate victory points when the game progresses, I've made some graphs from different games and compared countries between the games.

Short version of instructions, how this game could be played as pbem game too.

With a couple of my friends, we've played a full Grand Campaign of this magnificent (and long-lasting) game. You can read the full game report of the game.

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