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Would you like to see beautiful cats and kittens on your screen whenever you are not doing anything with your computer?
While some screensavers come with your Windows, none of them have pictures of Turkish Angoras or Turkish Vans!
But now you can change that situation ...

Screensaver Mini-Demo Download VANGORA 2001 Screensaver (vss2001a.exe, 4.06 MB)

[Note: VANGORA 2001 Screensaver has 28 screens, or photos]


   If you have a problem with the EXE-file, try downloading ZIP-file from our USA-mirror   



With CD distribution you should:

The previous Vangora Screen Saver, released in 1998, is available for  download  from our USA-mirror site.

Our thanks goes especially to...

And a very special thank you to all of the members and friends of Vangora who contributed photographs of their Turkish Angoras and Turkish Vans for this project.  

This page originally written in Finnish (suomeksi ) by Heikki Laitala

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