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The breed club for Turkish Cats was founded in 1989. By the end of that year, the club had 20 members. The club was named The Van-club, and it was at first attended to be a breed club for Turkish Van-owners only, since at that moment there were no Turkish Angoras in Finland.

Little by little, a few Turkish Angoras were imported to our country. As it felt natural for the owners of both Turkish breeds to have only one club presenting these two, from the same origin bred cats, the name of the club was changed to VANGORA Club. The aim of our club is to improve the knowledge of these two breeds and to maintain a systematical breeding program for the development of the Turkish breeds.

The Club also wants to act as a connecting body between people who are interested in Turkish Cats. Therefore we warmly welcome everyone, that either owns a Turkish Cat or is just interested in it, to join our club!

To achieve the aims VANGORA club has own club letter which is published at least twice a year and a club-info is published whenever needed. Vangora club also keeps sales table at the cats shows, distributes breed brochures and tells about Turkish cats to people. One way to increase the knowlegde of Turkish Cats is this www-site. 

If you are interested in our club or would like to join us and receive our club letter, please contact us!

Vangora club has 80 members, most of them from Finland, but some members also in Sweden and USA.

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