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Turkish Van

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Turkish van is a natural cat breed, originated in southeast Turkey, area of Lake Van. At its original are it has been kept as a house cat for centuries. Breeding began in England in 1950's and the official acceptance to the breed was given in 1969. First Vans came to Finland in the middle of 1980's and now we have about 450 Turkish Vans in Finland.

Turkish Van is extremely lively, playful and docile cat. It may be a bit reserved to your guests at first, but it shows total affection to its own humans. It likes to be at high places, so you can find it on the book-self or on the door. It also learns to walk in a leash or fetch toys, if the owner has enough time and patience to teach it. 

Van cat is famous as a swimming cat, but the liking for water is individualistic.

Owners of Van cat describe their pets with adjectives like:

  • wonderful
  • full of surprises
  • self-willed
  • sociable
  • curious
  • intelligent
  • climber
  • likes to be outdoors
  • lively

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Head is short, triangular shaped, nose is semi-long and strait, chin is strong. Ears are large and well-tufted, tips of ears are slightly rounded. Ears should be white outside and pink inside. Ears are close together, high on the head and erect.

Eyes are big and oval, slightly slanting, colour is blue or amber, or odd-eyed, that is the other eye is blue and another is amber. The lids are pink.

Neck is strong, body structure is medium strong but muscular. Legs are medium long, paws are small, rounded and tufted.

Tail is medium long, very tufty, but without underwool. Black, blue, auburn, cream, tortie or blue cream with or without the agouti pattern colour begins from the hind and continues to the end of tail.

Coat is semilong in the body, texture is very soft and silky. No underwool. Colour should be white without any yellow. Black, blue, auburn, cream, tortie or blue cream spots in the face with white space between the spots.

The tip of the nose and paws are pink. 


  • head (shape, nose, chin, eyes shape and size) 25 points
  • ears (shape, placement and colour) 10 points
  • eye colour 10 points
  • body (shape, size, bone structure, legs and paws, tail) 25 points
  • coat (colour, texture and length) 25 points
  • condition 5 points.  

Photos of Turkish Van - Registerations in Finland


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