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Turkish Angora and Turkish Van, as their names imply, are both originated in  Turkey, Angora from the area near Ankara, capital of Turkey (earlier called Angora) and Van from Lake Van area.

They are very sociable and playful, intelligent and intentive cats so life with them never gets dull. And what's best, they are very easy to groom.  Their coat does not tangle easily as they do not have any under coat.   

The main difference between these two breeds can be seen in their body type and colouring: Angora is an elegant, slender cat and Van has quite strong body structure. Van is easy to recognize through the colouring: Van is a white cat with coloured spots behind their ears, and a tail with the same colour.  The eye colour of van is based on white colour: they have either blue or amber eyes, or they are so called odd eyed, the other eye is blue and another is amber.

Angora can have almost any colouring, except so called burmese colouring (= chocolate, cinnamon, lilac etc.) or colourpoints, but most people consider white to be their original colouring.

Read more about their history, character and looks from their own pages: Turkish Angora and Turkish Van.

Photos tell more than thousand words about their looks.

Information of breeders, studs and statistics.


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