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Turkish Angora

viiva.jpg (1012 bytes)viiva.jpg (1012 bytes)

Year 2002
Wi'nte Sams Smoky Kid Curry
cream smoke male

Breeder: Hanny Olsen
Owner: Kirsi Ylš-Oijala & Pia Nyman

Kuutuulen Gordios
Kuutuulen Gordios
black tabby male

Breeder: Pirjo Toivonen-Helokangas

IP Nazarlik Emir Kehribar
cream spotted tabby male (neuter)

Breeder: Pia Nyman
Owner: Kirsi Ylš-Oijala

Valleygirl's Tasova
black female

Breeder & Owner: Tarja Laakso & Heikki Laitala

Year 1999
zara400p.JPG (4142 bytes)
Nazarlik Elbette Zarar
blue cream tabby white female

Breeder: Pia Nyman

vinski_11kkp.jpg (5593 bytes)
IC Nazarlik Emir Kehribar
cream tabby spotted male

Owner: Kirsi Ylš-Oijala
Breeder: Pia Nyman

Year 1998

didi18kkp.jpg (7087 bytes)
Nazarlik Diamante
blue cream female

Owner: Jaana Lehtinen
Breeder: Pia Nyman

kamu_tail1p.jpg (5819 bytes)
IC Nazarlik Camelot
white, odd eyed male

Owner: Kirsi Ylš-Oijala
Breeder: Pia Nyman

Dscf0042p.jpg (15406 bytes)
Valleygirl's Xmas
tortie tabby spotted female

Owner & breeder: T.Laakso & H. Laitala

Selena1p.jpg (4522 bytes)
IC Selene d'Inchmahome
black female, import from Holland

Owner: Pia Nyman & Pirjo Toivonen-Helokangas
Breeder: Michael Knubben Winter (NL)

Year 1997
More angoras from Europe came to Finland, but year 1997 was also remarkable because coloured angoras became more familiar in cat shows and breeding.
Ramonp.jpg (7362 bytes)
GIC Next Generation's Ramon
red tabby mc white male, import from Holland

Owner: Iines Hoffren
Breeder: Anneke de Vries (NL)

mausi2p.jpg (5354 bytes)
GIC Bizim-Taki Afsun
blue cream tabby female, import from Germany

Owner: Pia Nyman
Breeder: Gaby Link (DE)

9909yen2p.jpg (5133 bytes)
CH Valleygirl's Yenice
red tabby spotted female (the first and sofar the only red female in Finland)

Owner: Seija Nevalainen
Breeder: T. Laakso & H. Laitala

Yenisehir1p.jpg (5061 bytes)
IC Valleygirl's Yenisehir
red tabby spotted male

Owner: Lea Hietala
Breeder: T.Laakso & H.Laitala

Year 1996
First Angoras from Europe came to Finland (well, cats came mostly in 1997, but they are born in 1996)

xv29p.jpg (4831 bytes)
PR& GIC Garip Kedinin Arkadasi
red tabby mc male, import from Holland

Owner: T. Laakso & H. Laitala
Breeder: Netty de Vries-Rollen

xv28p.jpg (10771 bytes)
IC Deniz Kedi ala'turka
black female, import from Germany

Owner: T. Laakso & H. Laitala
Breeder: Markus & Meike Kuhl

wintercoatp.jpg (6450 bytes)
Nazarlik Bebek
white female

Breeder: Pia Nyman

sl9602p.jpg (5495 bytes)
Valleygirl's Zile
white, amber eyed female

Owner: Jonna Torra
Breeder: T.Laakso & H. Laitala

Year 1994
Three angoras came to Finland from USA, they were also the first non-Russian origin Angoras in Finland.

Obie1p.jpg (6455 bytes)
GIP&EC Yildiz Oberon
white, amber eyed male, USA import

Owner: Pia Nyman
Photo: Marita Kienanen

sl9622p.jpg (3234 bytes)
Daniska'Snowbody's Home
white, blue eyed female, also USA import

Owner: T. Laakso & H. Laitala
Photo: Suvi Laakso

CH Halleyween Sevmek
white, blue eyed female, Russian line

Breeder: Terhi Kiuru
Owner: T.Laakso & H.Laitala

Year 1992
Belaria2p.jpg (8936 bytes)

EC Belaria-An
white, amber eyed female, Russian import

Owner: Iines Hoffren

CH Sada Charlotta
white, blue eyed female

Breeder: Iines Hoffren
Owner: T. Laakso & H. Laitala


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