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This folder has primary zip files to plug-ins menus to HTML-Kit. Also some other zip-files may be available.

Zip-files to HTML-Kit plugin menus

Here is the list of finished plug-in menus for HTML-Kit with short explanations. Compiled executable DLL-files link directly to the site of HTML-Kit. You can find them from the HTML-Kit plugins page, along with other plug-ins, including most of listed plug-ins below:

Menus, which are under construction:

Please report any possible errors which I should fix. If you have suggestions for editing the source code, send an e-mail to me.


Installing plug-ins menus and hints to create own plug-ins menus

Executable *.hks and *.dll files must be in the 'Plugins' folder of HTML-Kit (don't try to open them by double clicking files). After you have put new HKS- or DLL-files to the 'Plugins' folder of HTML-Kit (for example 'c:/Program Files/Chami/Htmk-Kit/Plugins'). Install plugins properly or clear the plugins cache using the main menu (Tools > Install > Install Plugins | Clear Plugins Cache) and restart HTML-Kit.

You can edit source codes (*.hpd) and compile them into *.hks files with HTML-Kit Plugins Generator (don't try to double click files; open first the applications). If you want to compile source codes into DLL-files you need an additional application. You can create new menus or add buttons to existing menus by using as the name of the Section the same as in some existing menu. For example, you can extend TM WMLScript and TM WAPPush menus like any other menu you wish. I have made to my personal use links to local help files to all plugins, which I have done + some default menus of HTML-Kit (Local_Help.hks).

Other zip files