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The most idealistic layout model?

In Opera the element BODY and top and bottom navigation (they are DIV elements) are positioned horizontally at the same places, because Opera doesn't calculate scroll bars to the viewport. If this page is in a low window, 'Top navigation' and 'Bottom navigation' have in Mozilla 0.6 offset to the right (a screen capture), because it calculates scroll bars to the viewport (this matter has been fixed in newest versions).

In Opera the lower navigation bar can't be calculated from bottom (position:fixed; bottom:0; left:0), because the browser accepts only a single positioning model to a page.

This almost the most simple and idealistic layout model, which can be thought (see also the page Visual formatting model). Indeed Opera accepts to use HTML as the basic layout element (for example html {min-height:500px; margin:auto; background-color:red;} - look at a screen capture).

Also MS IE for Mac might render this page as I have designed. The system of Opera Software is best for the web authors. I hope, that Microsoft and Mozilla could interpret position:fixed according to the same principles as Opera 5.x+. Look at a screen capture of this page in Opera 5.01 (I have updated the text afterward).

At the code level simple is beauty!
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