More advice for the full screen mode.
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Used colors, special markups and links in the CSS-guide

Because the purpose of the CSS-guide is to instruct make encoding, I use some special colors combined with some text types:

In addition is some blocks are green background color, which symbolizes safe, recommendable way to use CSS. Read is the color of warning.

When I explain semantics of elements[S] I mention previous mentioned usages and some other CSS-guide related matters. I those matters colors don't have so big importance. I just emphasize some matters with certain tags.

I have used for model the same or another window, which I have marked at the following way:


Example models, which open to the same window.


Especially if you have a relative small screen, I recommend to use pop-up windows (Pop-up windows > Pw). The open window is closed automatic if you click another pop-up window link or you go to another page - it doesn't work as a permanent browsing window! You can adjust the size of the window.


It is worth to know that I have se for Opera 4.x+ browsers in the full screen mode special CSS. The full screen mode is not a normal but instead so-called presentation mode ("slide show mode"), which optimal usage needs special CSS for projection (this is a matter of the media type[S] projection). I have designed the CSS-site noticing especially way that mode. It is worth to know about following matters: