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Sivut toimivat riittävän hyvin MS IE 4.0+, Opera 5.x+, Netscape 6.0+/ vast. Mozilla ja Konqueror 3.x selaimilla. Yleisesti ottaen sivut toimivat parhaiten uusimmilla Opera selaimilla. Sivujen toimivuus vanhemmissa selaimissa on heikko, erityisesti Netscape 4.x kohdalla.

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8. How to set CSS for backgrounds and borders


I have divided this page into sections, which handle following topics:

The content as a one big page


Background and border properties are not automatic inherited. Otherwise than HTML 3.2 to HTML 4.0 document background properties, which concerns the whole document can give also HTML, not only to BODY. The only browser, which handles these properties according to the specification is preview-versions of Netscape 6.0. IE 5.0 works so much against the standard that it scarcely ever goes according to CSS specifications.