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Functionality of my pages with MS IE browsers



In the CSS-files of the CSS-site has not used much such CSS2-features, which don't work in Opera but work in MS IE 5.5. The site works quite well with MS IE 5.5, but alignments are sizes of elements are a little bit incorrect. They don't however cause functionality problems (they can be found only comparing the representation of the site with new Opera and Netcape/Mozilla browsers).

MS IE 6.x renders my CSS-site more exact than MS IE 5.x, but even that browser will not render it as I have designed (I mention problems further). Concerning most CSS-features in my CSS-site, it render them approximately as well as Opera.

Microsoft: CSS Enhancements in Internet Explorer 6 Public Preview.

I have added for the usage of MS IE some links, which goes to the beginning of the pages (they are visible also in older Opera and Netscape browsers, but not in Opera 4.x+ and new Netscape/Mozilla browsers). They don't however make the browsing as convenient as it is with Opera.

It is possible to create one-level dynamic sub-menus without JavaScript for MS IE 5.5+ for Windows browsers (look out models[S]).

In general browsing with MS IE is most less problems, but following reasons are questionable:

  1. MS IE supports non-standard (proprietory) features and half made specifications. The purpose is to monopolize the Internet[S].
  2. MS IE reads very error full "HTML-encodings" - such, which the browse should automatic ignore!

Browser specific hints

Known problems

In MS IE browsers are following remarkable missing features, which cause limitations to my Web-designing:

Other CSS-features, which I don't have mentioned above and which work only in Opera 4.x+ or newest Netscape/Mozilla don't have remarkable meaning to the functionality of the site. Above mentioned matters are meaningful in my sites: