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I list below all topic groups, which I have done according to subjects, which they handle. You can return to this topic group by using this menu and the link Table of topic groups on the top of the each page.
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11. What is the visual formatting model of CSS2


I have divided this page into sections, which handle following topics:

The content as a one big page


This page concerns in fact the How to put CSS into Web pages of CSS2 (CSS2 9-11). I handle the most powerful ways to exchange the presentation of pages.

Visible or hidden?

W3C: CSS2: 9 How to put CSS into Web pages[Pw], 10 How to put CSS into Web pages details[Pw].

Indeed in XML-documents can use even more powerful XSL language, which can use CSS-properties as parts of the whole system. In order to implement certain CSS-properties is fundamental point in creating presentation to XML-documents. Indeed CSS2 has some missing features (look at the page What other special features CSS has[S]).