Finnish - the ugliest language in the world?

Some insights into Finnish. Written and spoken Finnish are similar. If you know how some word is written in English, you don't necessarily know how to pronounce it - and vice versa. We don't have this problem! There is only one notable exception in Finnish: 'm' might be pronounced 'mm' and there are exact rules when this happens. In addition, Finnish has some conventions about how to write some consonants which don't have their own characters

Finnish people have very exact grammar. I believe, that the Finnish have the finest grammar in the world! In that respect Finnish is a fine language. But this matter is only a part of the truth about the Finnish language.

The sounds B, C, F, Q, W are not inherent in Finnish (in the 17th century they were used). We understand a 'W' as a strong 'V'. 'B' and 'F' are used in some individual lone-words, but 'C', 'W', and 'Q' only in foreign names; 'C' is common used in Swedish christian names.

Indeed, today names of shops are in English and names of companies are in English or they resemble English (Euromarket, Citymarket, Auria, Sportia etc.). Young people name their children against the old Finnish tradition using an English-sounding name, for example 'Nico' - they don't respect their mother tongue, because it sounds better to use English!

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