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I list below all topic groups, which I have done according to subjects, which they handle. You can return to this topic group by using this menu and the link Table of topic groups on the top of the each page.
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Preface and important information



Originally my CSS-pages have been Finnish CSS-teaching pages (CSS-opetussivut) and I have called them as CSS-Teaching pages. Today they are rather a generic guide into CSS and my purpose is to develop these pages more and more as a guide. I have called them also Introduction to CSS but my CSS-pages are more than just introduction because they handle CSS quite deeply.

My CSS-pages have been linked from the CSS site of W3C. I have got good estimation about the contents of my English CSS-pages but several bad estimations from the language. Below are some examples:

The English is poor (which is understandable since English is not your first language). For example, you have "Block elements should not put inside in-line elements", which should be "Block elements should not be put inside in-line elements". "Remark that in the end-tag is the forward slash" should be "Note that in the end-tag is the forward slash". There are so many small English errors like these that the text is difficult to read.
The contents are good and I have no doubt that the Finnish version is an excellent resource, but the English version is still very hard to read. Every sentence is close to being correct, but not quite. It makes reading very slow, because you have to constantly correct the grammar in your head... Nearly all sentences have errors in the word order in the correspondence between verb and subject or they have words that are close in meaning, but not normally used in that context.
... They are the most comprehensive tutorials I have ever found on the 'Net ... I have stopped reading at section 4 because it was getting too difficult ... many of your English sentences in are quite unenglish. Some I can figure out by the context, but others take several seconds each. Their accumulation hinders the reading too much ... But I think your tutorial deserves a wide audience. Working on the language would be a big step in such direction.

I have corrected informed errors, but I have still much errors. I have got assistance to get better language to some pages. I hope that gradually the language could be better in all pages.

Finnish visitors excluding one person have given good estimation about the content of this site. The best estimation concerning the presentation is following, which is translated approximately following:

The smartest site in the Internet, if we take account how much information it has...

Today I have only link to the Finnish version (Some non-English resources: > Finnish: tutorial).

These pages are intended for both people, who are newer before used CSS (and hardly knows anything about HTML) and professionals, who are searching for new tricks. If you are not familiar to CSS, don't try to do everything in the first trials. I try to learn you at the grass-root level so, that you could climb from bottom to the top of the tree. Put your mind just the three, because I tell you about a tree in this site!


One of the aims is also to promote fair play[S] in developing new browsers and web sites.

Pages are translations of my Finnish CSS teaching pages. That's why some file and anchor names are in Finnish and some in English. Every page have a link to the Finnish version (En) and the Finnish page to the English version (En).

This site includes also practising tasks page[S], which has some related files like the teachers' test page[S] and collected.css[S] (I have validated the file, but I have not added last made CSS to it). Save them, learn to create CSS and enjoy your own style sheets!

I have made all my drawings with Expression 2, which is a new generation vector drawing tool. You can look at the possibilities of this application from my site Art (you find it from the link books or use this link). The handling of lines is fantastic! (The prize for new users is 139$ and it is reasonable from such a fine application.)

Other sites: Creature House Home Page.


Important information

W3C: CSS: Cascading Style Sheets, level 2 CSS2 Specification (Zip-file), CSS-validator.
Other sites: HTML-Kit Home Page[Pw], CSS Enhancements in Internet Explorer 6 Public Preview, Webstandards.