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Structural solutions

All techniques have their own problems - the basic advance in my system is dynamic flexibility, but the problem lies in the appearance in large screens. The center area must have borders or it must left free, when the vertical scroll bar might be disturbing. To avoid this problem it is possible to make simpler pages, but they have less or not all structural dynamics.

New technologies and incompatibility to old systems.



Exchanging images with movements of mouse are pleasant . It is possible to combine javascripts to CSS, but it can fulfil so, that also older browser can read the contents. I most cases problems with older browsers can be eliminated.


XML, which I have a little bit studied, is some level problem, because pure XML is incompatible to old browsers.

It is however possible to make XML, which is quite compatible to old browsers, which also IE 5.0 can display almost correctly.

To make basic XML documents might be even easier as ordinary HTML documents, because the author can use own tags and he doesn't need to learn mass of tags. But because the appearance of own tags is not defined, it is necessary also to understand CSS (or XSL (XSL = eXtensible Stylesheet Language - quite the same kind of language as CSS ). When author use his own tags, the text is readable, but special contents and formatting doesn't have any affect.

There is also the possibility to make mixed XHTML documents, which major information is compatible to old browsers.