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Introduction to CSS


Hi. You arrived to my CSS-site. I have a longer preface, but shortly written I handle in my main pages and appendix pages almost everything, which relates to CSS. These pages have the page table, the alphabetical index and short & full contents. Almost all pages can also be found from the quick menu on the top left of each page, which includes also a search engine for my site.

I recommend to read my browsing advice (it has also on the top left a quick link [Help]). Visit often in the section of my preface page, where I list what's new in this site. Go randomly also in my FAQ-appendix page, where I answer either real question, which I have got or imaginary questions, which somebody might ask for me. I made also some proposals and practising tasks.

I hope that you could find from my site what you are looking for and my site could give for you much pleasure!

Copyrights Tapio Markula 1999-2002, Salo, Finland (Home page, E-mail)( tapio.markula@nic.fi) - not into the public use without the permission.

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This document is checked with HTML Tidy by Dave Ragget (W3C). The syntax of this document should conform with the XHTML 1.0 specification but I can't guarantee that all pages in this site fulfil the requirements of W3C.

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