Cereal Worm Holes USA release and a story of synchronicity

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I'm happy to inform that the US / Worldwide distribution of my
"Cereal Worm Holes" video documentaries has been launched by UFO
TV ( after quite a delay. You can check this out
on their website by clicking the "crop circles" icon, which is
very visible on the opening page. Part I and II are sold
together, only as a bundle:

More about Cereal Worm Holes at

The following story is related to crop circles and especially my
own approach to them. And in the end there's a little more info
about CWH (and Matrix, incidentally).


A curious synchronicity...

Sometimes I've wondered if I paid too much attention to the
human part of this phenomenon; some crop circle researchers have
criticized me for misleading people away from the unexplained,
mysterious, "genuine" crop circles. I just found the ad of my
documentaries at the UFO TV website. It was a dark and warm
November night (warm for Finland; so far it's the warmest
November for 40 years), I was walking outside towards my home
and thinking how pleasing it was that at least the people at UFO
TV didn't think this way: They are strongly promoting the videos
as something that supports the reality of non-human intelligence
around us. They have even added flying saucers on the cover
(personally I would have never done this because there is
nothing about flying saucers in the videos, but okay - if they
think people associate flying saucers with nonhuman
intelligence, it's their choice of PR).

My reason for putting so much emphasis in the manmade formations
(mainly in Part I) was that by clearly acknowledging the reality
and properties of manmade formations (which of course is
something that many researchers disagree on) and pointing out
the mysterious features in the human circle making process, I
can present an unbiased and convincing "case", which can not be
totally dismissed even by the skeptics. I thought (and this was
not a calculated PR trick but an intuitive way of thinking) that
this way I could convince MORE people of the existence of
another intelligence behind the crop circle phenomenon than by
just talking about the mysterious unexplained stuff (and
appearing as just another New Age weirdo, no pun intended). But
of course I also wanted to point out my idea that "manmade" does
not always exclude "genuine" and even the manmade formations are
part of the big picture - and even Man is part of God's

As I was in the midst of these thoughts, my attention was
suddenly and surprisingly "taken" to a perfect ring in the grass
on my left side (having green grass visible and growing in
November in central Finland is something out of the ordinary as
it is, but that alone was not enough to trigger my attention).
It was about one meter in diameter and out of it straight lines
were radiating mostly to the direction I was walking to. For a
moment I felt a mysterious and otherworldly sensation: what an
amazing coincidence!

But immediately I realized that it was the track of a small
motorbike. Somebody had ridden his (or her, who knows) motorbike
on the lawn, then pressed his foot on the grown and made the
bike go round, then ridden back. They usually do this on sand,
but why not doing it on grass? I was a bit disappointed, but
just a little bit. I passed the spot and another thought stroke
me; what if it just looks that way, maybe it's a genuine "grass
formation" after all. I gazed back for a moment but then I
decided I don't need to go and check it out again.

... And it's consequences

Why not? Because it was apparent to me that this very convenient
synchronicity was underlining my thoughts and gave a perfect
example of what I'm trying to say, but in a nice and simple way.
What is most interesting about the crop circle experience is the
amazing synchronicity that takes place around them. What IS
synchronicity? It's guidance; it's the fascinating metaphysical
mechanism that takes us to the right places at the right time.
It's about flowing with the river of our spiritual soul mission,
helping us stay on the track. This is what the crop circles are
doing (or at least one of many things they're doing); they are
the helping Earth and mankind to reconnect with their spiritual
course towards cleansing and enlightening our stained reality.

Imagine how an indigenous person who knows nothing about modern
technology would react if such a circle appeared in front of him
in the wilderness? Wouldn't he see it as a sign from the spirit
world? If so, wouldn't he start wondering what's the purpose of
seeing this sign right this moment? Wouldn't he place it up
against his current life situation, what has recently happened
to him or what is going to happen soon? But by doing so,
wouldn't he appear as a dumb and primitive person to you -
especially if YOU were the one who actually made those tracks
instead of any spirits?

Probably you would think that way. Now pause for a moment and
think about this: Would he be dumb even if his thought process
would help him understand something important and take his life
to a better direction, all because of this "mysterious sign"?

What was the cause of this circle in the grass? Was it the tire
track of a motorbike? Yes. Was it a sign from God? Yes. These
don't exclude each other. The guy with the motorbike was
responsible for causing a depression in the grass. God (or
whatever you like to call it) was responsible for showing the
sign to me right that moment, stopping me in my thoughts and
telling me something important, something I'm now expressing to
you. And who knows what was in the mind of this kid on the bike?
For many people this is fool's logic; to me it's not.

So to me this was a genuine grass circle.

So what the bleep do we know about the Matrix?

By opening up to these experiences and accepting their
genuinity, I'm sure we can start find more and more this kind of
guiding signs in our lives. Think about Neo learning to see the
Matrix code all around him (if you haven't seen the Matrix, see
it now).

So should we start looking at all tracks left by motorbikes and
cars as signs to us? Of course not, and I'm sure if you're at
all inclined to this way of thinking you won't make that
conclusion. These signs do not come to us often (though a little
more often when we go crop circle hunting :) and when they do,
they "catch us" right when we are deep in our thoughts and least
expect anything surprising to happen. And we can learn to
recognize that otherworldly feeling of being stopped for a
reason, seeing that deja vķ ripple in the fabric of the Matrix.

But there is a special reason why synchronistic events are often
associated with geometric forms, symbols or numbers. It's
because symbols, particularly sacred geometry forms and numbers
are eternal universal unchanging "programming codes" of our
reality - our space, our time, our consciousness. They are the
programming codes of our MATRIX; they are not culture-dependent,
they are untouchable, they can't be faked or distorted. Sure,
their interpretations can be changed, and they can be misused by
misguided "programmers"; but their original energies and
symbolic meanings stay the same as long as we stay inside this
program, this Matrix, this Space-Time (not long to go anymore
folks, the program is approaching a major update ;). And it is
these unchanged energies that are at work in synchronistic
events (anyone else who's bumped into 666, 999 or 111 "too
often" recently...?).

God works in mysterious ways. If there was one word to explain
these mysterious ways, it might well be "synchronicity".


A little advertisement

Still with me? More about this line of reasoning in CWH I: "They
are all real" (I guess I have just demonstrated what I mean by
this phrase). If you're interested to know why all crop circles
are NOT tracks left by motorbikes, you can find some answers in
CWH II: "Conduit closing".

If you decide to see these two one hour documentaries and pay
for it (I'm sure by now you can get your hands on a pirate copy
as well and if you're really short of money...well, can't stop
you), in case you're in USA you might find it more convenient to
buy from UFO TV.

But especially if you live in EU you can also get it from me
directly in which case I'll get more compensation for my
expenses (perhaps then I'll be able to make more documentaries
in the future). The price is the same in both cases (35
dollars/euros), but the mailing/handling expenses may vary a
bit. From me you can also get the two parts individually. And oh
yes, included in the PAL bundle DVD set there is also my 40 min
documentary "Coreography of Consciousness" from 2001 with no
additional cost.

Please also note that part of the money goes to the professional
and established crop circle photographers and videographers that
have provided material for the documentaries, so you can also
support their work, thank you!

CWH can be found at

(My site is normally "", but accidentally I
forgot to renew my domain; it will work soon again)

If you're not sure whether you're interested in these videos or
not, you can wait for their reviews in next issue of NEXUS
magazine (Oct-Nov issue in Australia/New Zealand, Nov-Dec issue
in UK and USA). I'm quite eager to know myself what they have to
say, but I got the general idea they liked it.

May the force be with you and may it work in mysterious ways!!

(And remember to take the red pill... or was it the blue

Brother Martin


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