Sound of shutter

The way a leaf shutter sings, can tell you how healthy it is.

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Synhcro Compur (Hasselblad Distagon 4/50 Nr 5772718)

This Distagon was years unused and the shutter became sticky. Exposure time was set to 1 second. A small microphone was attached to the lens and the shutter was released. The sound was recorded by Cool Edit software via a sound card. The image displays the waveform. The horizontal axis tells time in seconds. Notice the 1 second exposure time was actually almost 15 seconds. Click the image to listen the stuttering sound of the shutter (file size 318 KB).

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Then ...

the shutter was cleaned and lubricated by a professional service person and the experiment was repeated. Click the image to listen the smooth sound (file size 27 KB) of properly functioning shutter.

click to listen This is also Synchro-Compur (Sonnar 4/150 Nr 2552525), which was serviced about a year before recording the sound.

click to listen This is Compur (Baby Ikonta) made in 1936. It was serviced about a year before before recording the sound. 1 second is actually 1.5 seconds, which can be forgiven because of it's age.

click to listen This is Japanese Petri Carperu MXV. Actually it is not noisier than Compurs, but because there's no peak sounds when the shutter opens and closes, it was possible to record it louder. It has interesting "tail".