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What is SIC@HOME?

Ever heard something like "if you put a thousand monkeys in a room with a thousand typewriters, they'll eventually write a novel". Well, SIC@HOME uses the same laws of probability.

What is the probability for a radio connected to the soundcard to receive EM waves that can be converted into a picture that matches a predefined picture? Quite small. But if the universe is infinite, it means that this happens somewhere.

If we ask the question "how big a chance is it that it happens here on Earth?", the answer is even smaller. However, if the universe is truly infinite, it will happen.

What do we call the above events? Coincidences. The SIC project searches for just such incredible coincidences. If we can find such a coincidence, we can prove that the universe is truly infinite!

You can participate in this quest through the SIC@HOME project.