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The number of scientifical projects@home are increasing. It's clear that it's a good idea to do atleast something useful with your computer besides surfing on porn sites. When you're away from your computer, the computer can do scientifical research and make the world a better place, open people's eyes, bring out the truth and lots of other cool and useful things. I'm going to compare the three most important projects and see how they compare.
Scientifical Yes Yes Yes
No need for a server to get input data. No Yes Yes
No need to buy expensive camera equipment. Yes No Yes
No need to buy expensive army equipment to run 24/7. Yes No Yes
Has a client available for download. Yes No Yes
Can find ETI. Yes No Yes
Can find YETI. No Yes No
Can determine the structure of the Universe. No No Yes
Causes no wu withdrawal syndromes. No Yes Yes

As you can see, SIC@HOME is far superior to the other projects. (green is good, red is bad)

How can SIC@HOME find ETI?

From what we know, there is only intelligent life on one planet. However, if look at how many planets we've actually studied, etc, we quickly conclude that the probability for life in the universe is quite small, but not zero. If we calculate all the odds, the odds for a star to have a planet, the odds for a planet to have intelligent life, etc, we'll get a very small number.

If we multiply that number with the number of stars in the universe, then we will find out how many planets with intelligent life there is in the universe. If you multiply a nonzero positive number with an infinite number, the answer is infinite.

So, if the universe is infinite, it means that there are an infinite number of intelligent races in the universe. If SIC@HOME succeeds and proves that the Universe is infinite, it has also proven that there is ETI (extra terrestial intelligence).

Note that this theory could also be applied to yetis, but it is my understanding that the yeti@home project looks for yetis on earth. SIC@HOME can not prove that yetis exist on earth, but can prove the existance of yetis in the universe.