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PIC2WAV V1.0.0.X

PIC2WAV coneverts 640*400 8 bit uncompressed bmp files into .wav files (sound). The cool thing is that if you would feed that sound unmodified into the SIC@HOME client, you'd see the same picture that you just converted!

You can download PIC2WAV free of charge below. Unzip the file into any folder, read the readme and then click the icon to get started. If you've got any problems or questions, don't hesitate to contact me at this email address or one of the SIC@HOME addresses (works better).


  • PIC2WAV V1.0.1.X + sample pictures - 514 kilobytes


31 January 2000
Fixed a small bug in the distribution, upped the version number to V1.0.1.X while I was at it.