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Science newsletter 1

  SIC@home has existed now for over half a year. Our biggest problem has been the lack of manpower (and esp. girlpower), for the past 5 months, SIC@home has been virtually staff-less!! Luckily, our advanced server computers have been able to run more or less automatically during that time, gathering results from all the eager participants (all 2 of you). Now, SIC@home main scientist, Jan Knutar, has bothered to show up at work and analyze the results, this is what he concluded after having spent 3*10^14 picoseconds analyzing the results. 
Probability of universe being infinite 50%
Accuracy +- 25 %


A little more indepth analyzis of the results revealed some interesting features. Most of the results returned pointed at 50/50 probability, but some were at 75%. Here's a graph of the distribution of the results:

After analyzing all the results again, our scientist found that the 75% results were coming from a different part of the world than most of the other results. This clearly points that the univers is more infinite in certain directions, or that the infinity-signals are being blocked, or boosted, in certain directions, possibly by an alien invasion fleet. Since the Earth is rotating, orbiting, radiating and alot of other stuff that's irrelevant, the position of the fleet is hard to determine. SIC@home scientists have only been able to exclude some positions, such as Arecibo. The alien invasion fleet is not within the filed of view of the Arecibo radio telescope, therefore SETI@home has no chance of detecting the fleet.

SIC@home is hoping to be able to find out more about the fleet with new SIC@home client programs that are currently being programmed. The new client will hopefully provide enough detailed information so that our scientists will be able to tell us more about the alien fleet, its location, intentions, and if it even is a fleet, or just a bunch of stray asteroids.

More participants is always wanted, the more the better, since the SIC@home client's results can be combined at SIC@home to become more detailed. If you feel loyal to YETI@home and don't want to abandon it, please point you cameras into the sky instead of your backyard, it might be a alien-yeti-invasion for all we know...

SETI@home users have not got a chance of seeing the alien invasion fleet of the the planet Yeti, unless SETI@home starts gathering data from other sites around the world. SETI@home users are urged to donate money to SETI@home so that they can add more telescopes, or move over to SIC@home.