Search the OH3NJV Log Books


This Java applet allows you to search the my log books.

To Use: click one or more of the checkboxes in the applet below to select the contest(s) to search. Then enter a callsign and click the "search" button. The search will then start and any QSOs will be displayed in the box. Use the "clear" button to clear all fields and start a new search.

e.g. Click the "OG0NJV" checkbox and enter "K1AR" as the callsign. Click the "search" button and one QSO should be displayed!

New! Wildcard searches added, e.g enter "A2*" and all A2 callsigns worked are displayed.


Sorry but the search applet requires a java aware browser. 



Many Thanks for to Richard Everitt G4ZFE for the search applet.