International Champion


Born 22.October 2002
breeders Susanne and Lennart Sundfeldt, Sweden


FeLV & FIV negative 30.6.2003, blood group A
GM2 negative

pictured @ August 2003

5 months
pictured @ 14. March 2003 

Elton moved to Finland from Sweden on 02-FEB-2003. Already on the way here on the boat he charmed everybody who were there with his sociable and cheerful character. Elton is very bold and he loooooves people. As a center of attention he just purrs and feels himself very comfortable.

Elton is a co-operation project for Ninelli'sArkhitekton ja Nebula's -burmesecatteries, 
but now after five litters and neutering he was assigned to his Mommy Jenni. They all, Elton, Jenni and burmese friend Urpo live in Turku.

Jenni & Elton

Urpo (IP&IC Indiana Sport Urbanus) & Elton

Elton the Neuter in June 2005


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