The Burmese cat, Almond's Eleonora, and I met at a catshow in the end of year 1995. By that time the Burmese breed had become familiar from cat books, but after seeing this incredible creature alive, there was no other breed to compete, the choice was obvious! The next day I started to plan a trip to Jyväskylä and Almond's cattery, and in December 1995 Elli moved to live with me in Pori. The Burmese is my breed: it's the most sociable and intelligent cat added with loads of independence and stubbornness. 


In February -96 we visited our first catshow together, Elli and I. The result was only excellent 1 in class 11 (kittens 6-10 months), but we were hooked. I've visited catshows in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Estonia, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia and Russia with my cats. Elli got titles European Champion and European Premier and two years in a row earned the Veteran of the Year -title. And just before her 10th birthday she became the first Burmese DSM in the whole FIFe!! My SUPER-girl!

Today shows are for me mainly a place to meet "Burmese-people", our other friends, to see other cats, hear "news", but of course those trophies are very interesting... 


In the end of 1996 begun the Ninelli's story. The A-litter, a bluetortie female Matami and a brown male Armas, never left home, as they were the only ones out of ten kittens to survive, it was out of question for me to let go of these two.

Breeding has never been a "profession" for me, or could it never be such: It is always very hard for me to let go of kittens, I'd rather keep them all home with me. I'm very strict of the families who deserve a Ninelli's -kitten, both parties are expected to be open towards each other and I want to keep up with my kitties' lives also after they leave my house. 



Our hometown, Pori, is located on the west-coast of Finland, about 150km north of Turku. It’s the tenth largest city in Finland and it has about 76 000 inhabitants. I work for our family company Niwelco.

We live in our little red house in a nice quiet neighborhood appr. 1,5 km from the city center and 1,5 km from the airport.

In our small garden we have a small strawberry-plant and a potato field, tomatoes, two apple trees and a cherry tree, many different flowers, lots of little birds, a hedgehog, a squirrel... The whole family loves the summer, sun and sunbathing! Unfortunately the summer in Finland is quite short, but we eagerly wait for April, then gardening can begin again!


Elli, Matami, Armas, Kuperkeikka, Nuppu and Molla


They told me one has to update the "breeder-profile" once every ten year...
Thank You Heikki Siltala for this photo taken at the Jyväskylä catshow 11 February 2006.
It's me and little-Nuppu from the G-litter.



© Niina Kauraoja