Creme neuter male



Urpo was returned to his breeder to the Indiana-cattery because of allergies in the owner family, and when I heard of him, I wanted him to be the father to our next litter. BUT, not only Elli fell in love with Urpo, I did too, and so he stayed with us. 

Urpo is a male with caracter so open and loving, I sometimes think his head is filled with sawdust. Urpo was a loving daddy to his kittens and grandkittens as well as he likes human-children.

Before this musculous, unmarked gentleman with an exellent temperment was neutered in October 2000 he had babies with two ladies: our own Elli had Ninelli's C-litter, and a blue female IC Alsibur Aganippe Artemis had a Demonian-litter with six kittens. Since that daughter Kuperkeikka made Urpo into a Grand-Dad, and paŽ took good care of his grandchildren, especially red Darude and Urpo seemed to be connecting on a higher level.

Urpo has been to shows a couple of times, he got his International Champion -title in Denmark and International Premior -title in Latvia. Urpo has never had any great success, but it's always very easy to go to shows with him. He just simply loves everybody. 

During summer 2003 Urpo became friends with my stud Elton. Elton lives in Turku with his "mother"-Jenni and had been longing for a cat-companion, so I decided to give Urpo permanently to live with Elton. There were no problems at all and boys are wery happy with each other.






© Niina Kauraoja