brown neuter male
born on 28. August 2004
in Prague, Czech republic


FeLV-, FIV-, GM2- , HK-, HD- and ringworm negative, blood group A

Owners Niina Kauraoja and Sari Luoma

Photo Heikki Siltala, Kempele 7. July 2007


Igor is Molla's and Nanna's boyfriend. He lives in Turku with my friends Sari and Toni, and nowdays also his daughter Gilda! So far Igor has only gotten kittens with Molla, the Ninelli's G-litter, and he has a son with his long-distance-lover, Arkhitekton Malfridur up in Oulu. Igor got children with Arkhitekton Valentina also, 3 babies, and the last ones are still on their way, to Nebula's cattery. Igor was neutered in December 2007.

Igor is from José Panamá's Chupacabra-cattery in Prague, Czech Republic.

Igor is the perfect addition to my breeding as for his wide pedigree and also for short, shiny coat, faultless tail and large ears. Igor is also very nice cat for character, very friendly and open.

You can read what's happening in Igor's life here:

Igor 4 months

Summer 2006


Igor's Father:

Bellabonny Hamlet

from Mallorca,
English lines

Igor's Mother:

Roemah Koetjing Anak Anouk

from Holland,
Dutch, German, English and American lines

Chupacabra F-litter (5 kittens) is also from Hamlet and Anouk

Igor and his five siblings with their Mommy

3-weeks-old Igor


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© Niina Kauraoja