browntortie burmese female

born 9.November 2005

"Elastic, Lively Gabriela" after her Czech father


Lotta the One-year-old 

Molla's and Igor's daughter Lotta lives with Aliisa and Tuomas, and Pikkis ("the Little-one") and Pahis ("the Bad-one") here in Pori.

In the future she will have one Ninelli's litter, we are planning that for fall 2007.

Lotta has decided that she shall carry on the job given to her in her name, she surely is elastic and lively, when they run across the appartment with Pahis...

Little Lotta

Pikkis, Pahis & Lottis!
Photo: Lotta's home

You can find more photos of these three here


Champion Lotta March 2007. Photo Markus Wikström.



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