International Champion

chocolatetortie female
born 23.7.2004


Nanna 2 years old

"Nanna" lives 9,9 kilometers from me in Ulvila with my friend Maikki. There are even three birmans there: one older gentleman JoJon Dan-Tabby Albarillo (born 1994), JoJon Venera and Glitter's Otizia, "Tintta".

We have planned a couple of Ninelli's litters for Nanna, but Nanna likes to be an independent single-woman, perhaps, and she has not had any kittens yet... Please Nanna!

Nanna and friends also have their own website

Nanna comes from a line of she-devils?

(you know The Finnish Army is now open for women too!)


Nanna and Veera

Nanna was Best In Show kitten 4. and 5.12.2004 in Helsinki


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Niina Kauraoja