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Chocolate tortie female


photo Ĺsa Petré

Adult Cat of the Year 2007 & 2008


Our little Molla moved in on Sunday the 16th of March 2003. It was her 3-month-birthday. Boldly she faced the crowd and one by one the "oldies" accepted her. Of course Matami was the last, but even for her it took only less than a week.


Today even when she's all grown up, in many ways she is still our baby. 

Molla is the most stubborn of my cats, and when she has set her mind on something, there is no humour involved, Molla gets what she wants, or then it's paw-time!

Molla is a Ninelli's cat, but she wasn't born in our house, but in Tiia's and Peppi's, Ninelli's Dacia Delikatess' home in Espoo.

Already when I saw Molla at six weeks of age I fell in love with her.

Molla six weeks



Molla only eats red meat, chicken and fish, eggs, cheese etc.- nothing industrial! She's a heavy lady and weights 3,7 kilos.

Molla's voice is something soo terrible, it sounds like the door to the hounted house... Otherwice Molla is a sweet and kind girl, she likes to run and challenge the veterans of the house into wrestling-games. She's so naive and enthousiastic, I simply just love her.


Molla is the mother for Ninelli's F-, G- and H- litters.


23.3.2007: Today it's official!

Four years, one EC and one DSM behind. Photo PS-Studio.




© Niina Kauraoja