Pedigree (with pictures)

FeLV & FIV negative 17JUN03, bloodtype A


''Colourful Somersault' Kuperkeikka (somersault in Finnish) is quite shy for a Burmese, maybe because she never left home, but is still living with Mummy and family. Even though she acts as a mother to her grand-daughter Molla Keikka escapes under the bed whenever something "scary" might be happening.


Kuperkeikka often plays with toys for a long time just by herself. She's also the "familydog", even our guests have learned to throw the orange mouse for her to fetch. But still the best Keikka knows is to cuddle up with one or more of her familymembers for a cleaningservice, and purr and purr in a "catpile".


Four-year-old neuter-Kuperkeikka


Kuperkeikka, just like Molla, eats almost anything she's able to steal. Feta-cheese, onion, bread, cereals, even chili belongs to her diet. And barbecue-nights she LOVES!

To our huge disappoinment Keikka had to be neutered due to an illness to save her life.
So her first litter, Ninelli's D-litter will be also her last litter.






Niina Kauraoja