Ayungsan Moon Pagoda*CZ



blue male, born 9.November 2006

tested negative for FeLV, FIV and GM2


25 July 2007 

"Ukko" is Finnish for a word "man", or better "hubby", and I named this little kitten such so that people would stop asking me "When are you gonna take a hubby for yourself Niina" ;-)

But after giving him this name, the plan changed and Ukko is now my sister's "hubby", as Elina's cat Silli ("herring" in Finnish. Yes, we do give strange names for our pets in our family.) was missing a friend, and for the first time in five years my sister is living close to me again.

We owe a big thanks to José Panama for giving us a hint about this boy, and even a bigger thanks to Stania and Petr of Moon Pagoda for trusting their little boy in our care. We try our best to make him happy every day!

Ukko started to spray quite young, so he's now a neuter already. But before the operation there were two litters to born by Ukko, Ninelli's I and Oliivian Q. We are still waiting for an Almond's litter, and HOPING for Ninelli's K, with Lotta...

Who's the MAN!!


Best friends in action


Photo Markus Wikström


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© Niina Kauraoja