Brown neutered male


Armas is a sweet neuter, "the good spirit" in our home, and the other half of the first Ninelli's litter. Armas gets along with all my cats just the same, and sometimes it seems that as kittens leave the house for their new homes, Armas is the only one who misses them.
Armas is the "early-bird" of the gang: when it's time to wake up in the morning, he comes to rubb his face into mine so that I'll wake up and he gets the morningcuddle he's after. One of Armas' hobbies is birdwatchig: if he's not making funny noices to the birds on the other side of a window, then he's most likely to watch the TV for any birds to make funny noices to!

Armas started his show career very promisingly achieving e.g. Best In Show kitten 3-6 months, but as he grew older, he expressed he didn't like that hobby at all. I've often wondered if I should frame the diploma he got from the Special Burmese Show where his was discualified for his behaviour... Armas got his Premior-title in the FIFe Worldshow in Poland -98, where he was also nominated and The International Premior we went to get from Vyborg, Russia.






Niina Kauraoja