Almond's Simonina



bluetortie female, born 26.January 2007


Bluetortie has always been my favourite burmese-color. With Matami, I have also learned that they are the most BURMESE Burmese-cats too, at least for me they are the Best.

It took ten years for me to get my second bluetortie: there has been none in my breeding nor in any other interesting combinations, untill now in the Almond's cattery, where I got my first burmese Elli from 11,5 years ago! Aura is not the typiest burmese, but she has extremely promising bluetortie-color, beautiful eyes, a wonderful long tail and so big ears they make "oriental-sound" when she shakes her head! She's a great-grand-daughter of Molla, and we are very hopeful of her breeding-career as her mother is a wonderful breeding-queen.

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