Brown burmesefemale
28.JUL 1995

Studio Helios

Veteran of the year 2002 AND 2003


Elli is the "grand-old-lady" of Ninelli's. THE Burmese that has gotten Niina to fall in love with this breed. Even the word Ninelli's spells out Elli and Niina. We have a special bond between us, Elli can sense my feelings very accurately and when we travel together, Elli has no worries as long as she can either see or hear me. 


Elli is a petite girl, and of course one of the most beautiful females ever seen. On 18.April 1998 she got her title as a European Champion and 10.February 2002 European Premior. Judges usually appreciate Elli's silky, shiny coat, and now as a neuter her bodytype has gotten many thanks. Her best results from catshows are, no doubt, the Best Burmese Adult title in May-98 in a special Burmese show and Finland's Best Shorthairveteran 2002 & 2003. 

Finland's Best Shorthair Veteran 2002

And it was also quite nice to get BIS twice in Austria&Czech bordershows! Elli is a very easy travelpartner: we've travelled with trains, planes, boats, busses, cars in Denmark, Estonia, Poland, Holland, Austria, Czech and all over Finland. Elli just loves to go on a trip and leave the family behind for a couple of days!


At home Elli is the queen of the house, who loves every human being who visits our home, espescially men get the purring Elli into their lap. Elli is the "prototype" of burmesecaracter for me. She's very intelligent, stubborn, passionate, active, but always "cool" and the BOSS. 

Almond's Eleonora and Ninelli's Armas Aleksanteri

Elli had three litters before she was neutered, you can read more about them on the A-, B- and C-litters' pages. And now as she is already a veteran she is a Grandmother, a Great-grandmother and even Great-great-grandmother!



18.March 2005 Elli got her Distinguished Show Merit-approval
as a fourth cat in Finland, the first shorthair,

Elli 10 years 28.JUL 2005


10 x Best In Show Neuter

Kes-Kis, Jyväskylä 16.2.2003
Porok, Kempele 4.7.2003
Porok, Kempele 5.7.2003
Pirok, Tampere 16.5.2004
Porok, Kempele 3.7.2004
Porok, Kempele 4.7.2004
Kes-Kis, Jyväskylä 19.2.2005
Kes-Kis, Jyväskylä 20.2.2005
Poh-Kis, Vaasa 5.3.2005
Poh-Kis, Vaasa 6.3.2005



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