3.12.1996 - 26.1.2011



Matami, as we call Aliisa, was a real matami, a Finnish word meaning a "tough lady". She was a typical bossy, temperamentical, uptight tortie who every once and a while needed to get into somebody's lap and purr for a couple of hours. A bluetortie-beauty I had dreamt of, and who wasn't too easy to get, as for the first two weeks we thought she was a he, until one of his feet started to turn creme - a tortie! Matami was born with a huge navelhernia (bellybutton) which had to be operated when she was only 3 months. A couple of days after the stiches were taken off, our little beauty was charming people at a cat happening with a winner's touch. 

Matami comes very close to my ideal Burmese look, only if her eyes were not so green and somewhat large. She probably would have done well in shows, she got one Best In Show kitten 6-10 months achievement, but unfortunately her mind doesn't follow mine. In a show everyone is an evil enemy, who she needed to defend herself against with as much cursing as possible.So in other words a true beauty who knew her value, and didn't want to share it with anyone. She got her only CACIB from a judge, who didn't dare to touch her at all!



After her neutering Matami got herself a new nickname: "Mahatma", referring to the Finnish word maha = stomach. Can You guess why...





Niina Kauraoja