Quo Vadis,   France

Our trip to Quo Vadis gliding center in south France at September 2006.  We are 6 pilots, Ville, Heikki, Ari, Tapio, Kimmo, Matti and Aris vife Irma from Turku and Salo flying clubs. Flying clubs located south -west of Finland. We flown first test flights by Blanik with trainer and we rent two LS4 for 4 days.  Only one day, friday, was raining and flying was impossible.  We start the trip to fly at 9.Sep evening from Helsinki to Nice by Blue1 flight. By rent car we drive to Serres and sunday  morning we were first briefing and after that we can to go to fly first test flye's.  Monday  was firt day to fly by LS4 and thursday last.  At friday we was trip by car to near area other cliding centers, Aspen, Gap and Sisteron.  Day temperature was all the time between 27-31 degrease.  After week at saturday 16.Sep. we leave Quo Vadis  more  habby as we come to there.  Our trip was unforgettable !!!

Few fotos and videos from trip to Quo Vadis.

Four person chalet for living

Chalet inside, from left Ari and Irma.

Chalet outside, from left Kimmo, Tapio, Irma, Ari

Blanik for test fights...and part of our group.

Two rent LS-4 ready to start at monday 11.Sep.

Serres air field...mainly one direction operations....starts to north (left to right) and landings from north.

Serres air field, local mountains hight 1500m QNH, airfied 700m QNH

Every morning French bread  market seller on the office 8:00 am.

Ville and Klaus makeup ASH25 ready to fly.

Neightbour airfield, Aspen,  8km to north from Serres..

Serres village, distance, 10min to south by car.

After my (left) test flight....trainer Gundorf's (right) Blanik.

Tapio, Ari in cabin and Irma

From left Irma, Tapio, Ville, Heikki, Kimmo.

Pic de Bure from Serres direction.

Pic de Bure more near...after Kimmo.

Pic de Bure under cumulus.

Pic de Bure very near..

Pic de Bure.

Pic de Bure...25km

Motor Silent (note: one flap prop)

In restaurant at friday evening, from left Ari, Heikki, Ville, Matti, Kimmo, Irma and Tapio.

Mountainside video 1. (30 sec.) .avi

Kimmo video 4. (15 sec.) .avi

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