( Xerox von Kibe )

West Highland White Terrier

20.11.1981 - 21.12.1999

"Alert, gay, courageous and self-reliant, but friendly"

Gone, but not forgotten

Roffe lived his whole life in Kirkkonummi, which is a town
30000 inhabitants located about 30 kilometers west of
Helsinki, Finland. When he came to us as a little puppy, I had
just got out of the army, and had the opportunity to spend
quite much time with him.

The little guy's character immediately made a big impression
on me. Roffe was friendly, playful and intelligent little fellow,
who learned quickly all kinds of tricks, but he was also fearless
and had a very strong will (he was a real terrier!). It was
amusing to watch him, when the postman came. When Roffe
heard him behind the door, he begun to growl with such a deep,
low and audible voice, that the postman thought that we had some
kind of real beast behind the door. Later on, when he realized,
who "the beast" was, he got a good laugh.

It was fun to go out with Roffe, because he was so cute. As a puppy
he was a tiny little dog, who seemed to have much too big ears and
paws considering his overall body size. Even total strangers admired
his looks, and especially the children were totally fascinated.

Couple of years later I moved away when I begun my studies,
but it was always nice to visit Kirkkonummi, because through
the years I knew that the first one I would meet there would be
Roffe, who always welcomed me already at the front door.

Roffe stayed in very good health until his last years. It was
touching to see, how he did his "duties" until the very end. Over
the years he brought us our socks every morning, and this was a habit
he never gave up. When he passed away, it felt just like it feels when
you loose a beloved family member. I am glad, I was priviledged
to know him. He was surely one of the finest Westies that ever lived.

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