all joy turns to grief

on that day everything turned odd
something happened
the grip was lost
somebody dreamed of wings
of the final angel
something took the skies
and skies went dark

it has rained for six months now
we see no end to the rain
it's warm and still i'm feeling cold
the ice melted away
turned into water
it's covering the earth, the sea is steaming

what the hell are we going to do now
soon water covers all the earth
you can't reserve a place in the ark
with your bonuscard
where are the marketingmen
to save our souls
what the hell are we going to do now
soon water covers all the earth

a springday long ago
in some forgotten may
i stand in an old photo
i stand with my boots on in sunshine
our yard is now the ocean floor
and boots are gone

the fields are so wet
not even the children grow
left small, withered away
if one listens quietly
you can hear the water rising
it will be here soon, i've seen it come

what the hell are we going to do now
soon water covers all the earth
you can't reserve a place in the ark
with your bonuscard
where are the marketingmen
to save our souls
what the hell are we going to do now
soon water covers all the earth

(tomi tuomaala - timo rautiainen)

i won´t look back

ice is rare nowadays
chilren can´t build castles of snow
usually the swallows
arrive already in February

only the old folks remember
a white christmas time
children in museums
wonder about sleds and skiss

but now a real winter started
the snow glows like in olden times
my breath freezes as statues
the coldness leaves burnmarks on your skin

this weather is a certain sign
a sign to stand up
to take the plans out
and carry them out `til the end

as I have seen the last snowfall
let it snow my house full
i´ll set free the animals
burn the papers without reading

i´ll leave the doors open
won´t put even my boots on
i won´t take anyone with me
i won´t look back any more

(tomi tuomaala)

love without end

so the journey ended halfway again
he thought too much of himself
the storms are drawing nearer
thoughts won't clear up

with slumping shoulders in the middle of the yard
with no energy even for kicking on pebbles
he glances back where he came from
only his own footprints follow

why the good wife stayed in the south
why there's no laughter of the children
there are lands and forests as far as the eye can see
if only someone would make use

if the bloodline won't continue, at least the guts remain
we have always done what we have intended
even if the roofs too far down
and the rope far too thick

(tomi tuomaala)

pierced by shame

the son alone in his attic
father´s loaded rifle in his hand
soul torn by cruel pain
hand burned by cold iron

sits alone thinking
if life is really always like this
a space filled with fear
anguish and desperation

finally silents are the bullies
they look away in shame
the parents by the coffin
candles and photo on the table

why did you do this to him
he would have chosen to live
this child pierced by shame
our son covered in sand

(anssi gröhn - timo rautiainen)


up in the thirteenth floor
i sit and hold your hand
ugly dark clouds
hang beneath the skies
and my whole world hangs on thin wires

i only wish that someone
will find a cure
but i know this may never be
they say you are going,
know that you won't be alone
either we leave together
or i'll follow right behind

when the moment came
i let you down
i cannot help
can anyone help

(tomi tuomaala)


who can tell what´s there to find
under deep waters
thousands of meters
under the waves

i´ve been thinking lately
i could be there
at last find peace
with the fish all around me

they took the plates from my truck
last thursday night
i can travel the roads
with a temporary permit

i sleep on abandoned truckstops
in the middle of the forests
i have no permission to stop
they are still negotiating

well, someone has to do this
they made me a promise
the final containment area
will be certain this summer

the cargo behind me
no one knows what it contains
the men with geiger-counters
put on their masks

i wish i could get home at last
after thirteen years meet my children
and my wife´s new husband

but there are no white spots
on the map anymore
you can´t watch the earth from far enough
you can´t escape your cargo

(tomi tuomaala)


i've heard
strange things have happened here
mute men have been seen
doing strange things

animals that should not exist
have arrived from afar
we have heard that over there
is no air left to breath

for some reason it feels worse today
than it felt yesterday
and yesterday felt worse
than the day before

certain has become uncertain
all unfamiliar has stayed the same
it frightens to know that all one knows
is how little time there is left
all this time we have
stood on hollow ground
at least we are standing somewhere now
we stand on the borderline

there was no solid rock
to build upon
all is gone but the words:
"can anyone help"

(tomi tuomaala)

a good day

today is a good day
a day of reason and understanding
today is a good day
to finish what I started

today I loath myself
understand what I am
and where I´m going

today everything sparkles
in bright colours
today is a good day
to look behind the smiles

today the beautiful sun
burns down the liars
today is a good day
the very last one

(tomi tuomaala)

the last of their breed

picking up birds from their river
sweat inside their safety-suits
the tears inside the vizor
the river boils

a man fishing without equipment
his bald head uncovered
empty stare like muddy water
all the same
the factory´s closed

foul wind in the branches
rusty vortex around my feet
where would I hang the birdhouse
home of the last small bird

chains have been broken off the swings
the last game has been played
hiding somewhere scared
children, last of their breed

(anssi gröhn - timo rautiainen)

on low grounds

forefathers´ weaknesses
boil in shallow ditches
on low grounds waits
man with a cape of frost

in here the bad deeds
pile up as hills
on the left you can see
the field of disappointment

on the horizon
making scary noises
the crows of bad omens
fly the wrong way

under us you can see
a swamp-like formation
of malignant tumors
that weren´t found in time

every night someone moves
all the clocks forward
the sun always sets
when we try to wake up

no escape from here
no road out of here
no migrating bird
makes a stop anywhere near

no one entering here
walks without trembling
no one even dreams of
the hands of gentle fathers´

(tomi tuomaala)

russian orphans

the sunrise above our heads
there is no shade under naked, barren trees

stepping forward, a man and his comerades
heads covered with red-starred caps

they work here, without knowing why
in the home-harbour of nuclear submarines

they don´t care, they don´t maintain
they don´t think about the fate of russian orphans

can´t you get any sleep
try to forget how things are
you can´t do that
you´ll have to take a stand

place your back against the wall
place your hands behind your neck
it is useless to try to hide

a glorious morning, a feast of brightest light
a prelude to a winter thousand years long

you can´t find a sanctuary
no use to even try

(timo rautiainen)


no heads above the waters
sounds are getting seldom
calm lake greets autumn
the air hangs missing

does this depend on me
am I the one to blame
or did someone come from afar
why didn´t he take me too

how could I avenge him
don´t know if it has a name
has it got scales or wings
has it even got feet

does it live in the waters
if it does then where
how can it pull it through
what to do with your own

if would curse if I could
shout if I would be able
heavy movement of heavy water
i´m the last one around

what if I would pack my things
and travel after it´s trails
no heads above the waters
i´m the last one around

(tomi tuomaala)

a winter night´s tale

the dry wind melts the clay-filled ice
the fragile veins rip open screaming
when at winter under my feet
flows a yet warmer stream

a dark sky in the middle of the day
both the sun and the moon
shine at the same time
under my blind staring eyes
quietly laughs a balding bear

a safe place - or so they say
under the deep blue-cross soul
under our granite rockbed
pounds a hotter heart every day

at this end laugh even the wisest men
when they wipe the sweat off their hats
and under the waterless showers
stand quietly black, sweaty, small men

(arto revonkorpi - timo rautiainen)